German Shorthaired Pointer hunting dog, training, breeding, and puppies. Photo Album

Nikkie on point, waiting for the bird to flush so her dad can shoot it, and she can retrieve it.
Nikkie with her first litter.  She was a wonderful mother, always wanting to be with her pups.  It was a small litter of five, but worked out perfectly.
Hannah in the flowers at 4 weeks old.
Koya, Ruger, Cody, Axel, and Hannah walking on the grass for the first time at 4 weeks.  Even though it was warm enough, they still liked to be held better.
"Shining Star GSP is dedicated to breeding, training, and the raising of German Shorthaired Pointers for hunting and companionship".
Jedi hitting the water!  He loves to be the first one in and the last one out.
Aiden and Zoey surveying the grounds, looking for their next great hunting adventure.
Gus and Gracie working the field.
Jedi and Gracie findin' them all!!!
Chow time!!!!  Hannah and Taz puppies know how to eat!
Jedi is a MASTER HUNTER!!!!! He passed his 6th leg on 10/23/2011.
Our boy Binks - intensity, style, and grace!
Zoey havin' a bubble blastin' good time!
Binks - showin' 'em all how its done.
On 08/18/2012 Cricket scored a 110 giving her a Prize I in her NAVHDA Natural Ability Test.
"Don't worry mom, I won't let her get into any trouble," claims Beau.
It's simple - Gus is just amazing!!!!!
This picture was sent to me by Father Mike Alber.  Grace met her 3 bird limit in Montana in 20 minutes of hunting on wild pheasants.  Grace was 14 months old at the time of this hunt. 
Our friend, Doc, on point at a duck pond.
HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!!!!  Binks earned his AKC Master Hunter title on 10/13/2013.
Doc is owned by Kevin and Amy Meeks, and as you can see has no problems finding grouse.
Debbie and Dan Baars, Jack's owners, were very proud when Jack went to Tennesse and passed 3 straight  hunt tests.  He proved he would not be denied and he earned his AKC Master Hunter title.
This picture was sent to me from Matt Kordakis, who is the proud owner of Hank.  Hank is a puppy from the breeding between Jedi and Caliber.  Hank was 9 months old when this picture was taken in Dickinson, North Dakota.
"BOYS RELAXIN'!"  Jim and Chief take a well deserved nap!
Denise Block was kind enough to send us both a fall and winter picture of two successful hunts with her dog, Abby Mae.  Abby Mae is from Mustang Sally's first litter, and is so talented and was an incredible pleasure to train.
Otto is the proud owner of Jerry and Kim Bansemen, and today he is showing off how he points birds.
Long days at the park make for sleepy babies!  Rylee, 3 years old, and Moxie, 8 weeks old.
Striker - So much style!
Jack - Rackin' up another solid point!
Purdey - Snuggling to warm up from the cool winds.
After a lot of hard work out of both Ed and Striker, Striker earned his AKC Master Hunter title on 10/25/2014.
Hailey and Ed striking a pose after Hailey earned her AKC Senior Hunter title on 10/26/2014.
Yoda - 9 months old - it doesn't get much better than that.
Yoda and Ed looking good after Yoda earned his AKC Senior Hunter Title on 09/25/2016.
4 Generations of Shining Stars:
Bailey (Nikkie's granddaughter), Fate (Nikkie's great granddaughter), Nikkie (Matriarch), and Jack (Nikkie's son).
Fate hunted up a covey of quail and handled them like a champ at 7 months of age.